Monday, February 27, 2012

OOT / MM: White Wolfos

Like the normal Wolfos, White Wolfos will emerge from the ground when approached and tend to fight in direct combat. White Wolfos will circle around Link and dive in to strike with their claws and can also block Link's Attacks. Striking its tail will instantly defeat it.

Designed by Paperlegend
Picture by Paperlegend

Height: 11.9 cm 
Width: 18.3 cm
Depth: 13.1 cm 
Number of Pages: 5
Number of Parts: 41
Difficulty Level: Medium
Notes: -


  1. great work! I shared it on my collection blog: The Legend of Zelda – White Wolfos free papercraft download

  2. Love your work. Wolfos was one of my favorite enemies to fight.

  3. woweecaazoowee!
    these are fantastic! :) I love Zelda so much, I've played almost every game! please please check out my blog I blog pretty much everything Zelda<3