Here are some other great papercraft websites and blogs:

Ninjatoes has made more than a hundred papercrafts from series such as Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy and many more. All of them come with detailed instructions and are some of the highest quality papercrafts you can find online.

A blog run by Xenonray who has made plenty of Legend of Zelda papercrafts along with Fire emblem characters and Mass effect ones. They all have detailed instructions and are quite high quality.

Nintendo papercraft has a variety of papercrafts to build by many different designers. It is the best place to find a collection of models from Nintendo's main video game series such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros., Metroid and many more.

PaperKraft is a collection blog that contains papercrafts not only from Nintendo games but anime, papertoys, origami and a bit of everything that is posted on other websites.

Paperpokés is a team that makes papercrafts from the Pokémon series. They have more than a hundreds pokémon to choose from and other Pokémon related models such as pokédolls and characters.

Ichtus7's blog is another high quality papercraft website that focus on Mario, Legend of Zelda, and manga/anime. You can also visit his gallery of pictures.