What is papercraft?

Papercraft or Pepakura is a hobby that dates back to the 17th century and is a derivative of Origami and Kirigami. Papercraft is the art of building complex creations out of paper or cardstock on which the parts of the model are printed, cut out, folded, scored and glued together. Because people can create their own patterns, paper models are limited only by their designer's imagination and ability to manipulate paper into forms. On this website, you will only find papercrafts from the Legend of Zelda series of video games, but you can visit our Websites page for more.

What kind of tools do you need?

Here are some of the basic papercraft tools you will need:
  • Some paper or cardstock (avoid printer paper)
  • Scissors
  • A craft knife 
  • A cutting mat, preferably self-healing
  • An embossing stylus
  • Glue (White glue, Wood glue, Super Glue) 

What are .PDO files? 

.PDO files are basically interactive instructions to help you figure out where each parts of the model goes with a full 3D view and various tools to make your life easier. These files can only be opened with the Pepakura Designer and Pepakura Viewer programs which you can download for free on their official website. Since all our .PDO files are unlocked, feel free to resize or modify the templates to suit your needs as long as you give us credits for the finished product.