Ocarina of Time 3D: Twinrova (70%)
Model editing is finished but the main obstacle is fixing the fire/ice textures. Still needs some tinkering to look correct when built. Possibility of an OOA/OOS version as well.
Minish Cap Link (80%)
Elzo head still needs more editing and textures but once finished will be a simple process of importing into the original template.
LoZ: Goriya (50%) & ALBW: Goriya (85%)
ALBW Goriya editing is done and ready to unfold. LoZ Goriya still needs a lot of work on the clothing textures and some mapping issues.
Ocarina of Time 3D: Adult Link (30%) 
Will take the longest to finish. Almost every body part connection is an intersection that needs to be fixed. Sword, shield, hair, and face all need some sort of simplifying or editing to be buildable. Currently fixing the tunic.
AoL: Aruroda (50%) & SS: Aracha (55%) 
Connection between the eye and body needs to be made, as well as the leg joints. Will need a base to be held up properly when built. Aruroda textures also need some more modifying.