Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skyward Sword: Wooden Shield Moblin

In Skyward Sword, Moblins appears as corpulent red monsters twice the size of Link. They brandish a lance and a wooden shield which Link can either cut into pieces, enraging the Moblin or dash onto it to jump over the monster and hit its exposed behind.

Designed by Paperlegend
Picture by Paperlegend

Height: 23 cm 
Width: 31.1 cm
Depth: 38.4 cm 
Number of Pages: 11
Number of Parts: 85
Difficulty Level: Medium - Hard
Notes: Ironically the model does not include the wooden shield as I never found it in the files. Yeah, sorry about that.


  1. It's not the good link

  2. fixed, also, only pdo available for the moment, it will be fixed soon

  3. nice job!
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  4. That Profacy of ice?fire has been confermed fake.