Monday, July 18, 2011

Skyward Sword: Link

Link has lived his entire life on the floating island of Skyloft, situated above the clouds. He is childhood friends with Zelda and they attend the Knight Academy together, where is he often bullied by a rival student named Groose.

Designed by Paperlegend with the help of Sora243 and TwilightLink
Picture by Sgonzales22

NOTE: This is an outdated papercraft made before the game was released using modified models and textures, therefore is not accurate to the Link seen in-game. An actual Skyward Sword Link might be made in the future but this one will now only remain as a memory.


  1. Oh My God, thats fricken amazing!!!!

  2. its good, but he looks like a woman.

  3. Awesome, but I played the game and phi is actually spelled fi.