Friday, September 3, 2010

Spirit Tracks: Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire

Fraaz is the boss of the Snow Temple. He is an imp-like creature capable of attacking with fire and ice. In order to defeat him, Link must target him with the boomerang after igniting it with the opposing element from one of the two torches in the center of the room.

Designed by Pikmindude777
Picture by Pikmindude777

Height: 20 cm 
Width: 14.1 cm
Depth: 9.6 cm 
Number of Pages: 2
Number of Parts: 52
Difficulty Level: Medium - Hard
Notes: -

1 comment:

  1. Oh man! I so hated this boss, I found it so hard to beat until I discover that I just need to look at *** *** to see wich of the two Fraaz is wich element...

    Damn, I'm not really smart in that kind of video game! XD

    Anywayz, keep up the good work, PaperZelda! You're in the bests!